Artist History

Watercolor Paintings and Prints

Well known St. Louis Artist, Shirley Kruse, has been painting treasured House Portraits for many years with vivid watercolors. As her clients move around, word of Shirleys paintings has also, and she now has captured the unique charm of homes all over the United States and even into Brazil and Romania. Each painting will capture the character and charm of your home whether it is large or small, with her unique attention to detail and accuracy. Her ability to incorporate color with sunshine and shadows makes these paintings a cherished addition to any home.

In 11" x 14" double mat - $450.00

In 16" x 20" double mat - $600.00

Words of Watercolor lovers

"When Shirley lived in Mission Viejo, California in the 80s, I saw some of her paintings and fell in love with her house portraits. My family has moved about the country and we have had Shirley paint each of our homes. Our first California home was small and rather plain looking, I was concerned how the painting would look. Shirley improved on the landscaping and made the flowers bloom. It is painted with sunshine and palm trees. Our favorite season in Atlanta was spring, so our home there is painted with the trees blossoming and the daffodils are up. Our current home is in Cincinnati Ohio, painted with the snow falling and a snowman in the front yard."

Mary & Dennis Blake, Cincinnati Ohio