Watercolor Questions & Answers

1.   What kind of frames do you offer and why?

I offer simple wooden frames painted either gold or silver color. The style of the frames is traditional so as to compliment the painting without overpowering it or detracting from it. Each of the frame styles will generally fit in any décor. Most of my customers over the years have chosen gold frames, so I chose one standard one to keep in stock. It is of a classic timeless design that remains in style. As I have many repeat customers, I am able to frame their additional homes in the same frame so they look consistent hanging on wall together. Recently, I have had requests for silver, so have added a lovely silver colored frame. It is wooden, painted a brushed silver color. The frames I use for the Watercolor Portraits are smaller frames than the ones for the Framed Names. See the Order Form for frame details.

2.   What if my photograph is of a house that will be painted a different color soon…should I wait to have my house portrait done?

If I have a sample of the house paint-to-be, I can paint the house with that color. I can also add or take away landscaping, trim trees and bushes and plant flowers where you maybe always intended to plant some, but didn’t get around to.

3.   What about if my roof will be changed soon?

Can you paint it a different color than in the photo? Yes, just let me know what you would like it to be. A majority of roofs are charcoal grey it seems, which look very nice with most house colors. The red tile roofs are fun to paint…all those little curves and shades of terra cotta.

4.   What season do you recommend for house paintings?

I leave it up to the customer to decide which season they enjoy the most. I love painting winter scenes with crisp blue skies and white snow covering the ground, the roof and hanging in the branches of trees. The white snow with blue shadows looks best with a red brick house or other darker colored house. White houses in snow don’t offer enough contrast.

5.   The photo I am sending you is of my house in winter, but it was really pretty last fall, could you fake the fall colors?

Yes, of course. Homes in areas that have fall may want to take advantage of that…the gold and orange hues on trees with the bright sun shining on the house are stunning with any color house.

6.   I used to have a beautiful Bradford Pear tree in the front yard but it has since died. Could you add it back?

Yes, tell me where in yard to plant it and if you choose a spring scene, the Bradford Pear will be blooming white flowers proficiently in your finished House Portrait. Spring scenes are most often chosen for house portraits. People love the way their flowers and bushes and trees look blooming, with the grass green, and the sun shining.

7.   What if I don’t like my painting when I receive it? What kind of return policy do you have?

Well, I want satisfied customers. I have never had anyone unhappy with my work yet, but if you are, just return the painting and you will receive a refund minus 20% which I will keep for my time and supplies.

8.   Your framed names look interesting, why are they so expensive?

Well, if you have ever taken something to a frame shop for framing, you’ll know why. Each Framed Name is a custom size, made especially for you, so they require custom matting and framing. They each have a triple mat to best show the hand painted letters, and each mat has to be hand cut. The frame is of a particular size to exactly fit the number of letters in our name.

9.   Is there some significance as to what flowers are painted on each letter?

I like the flowers to relate somehow to the letter. I have fun with the flower names, trying to make them relate. They could begin with the same letter, or I can name the flowers for significant people. For example, when painting a last name for a newlywed couple, I may name the flowers for family names, or places they have lived. For example, I recently painted a “Kruse” for my son and new daughter in law. The Bird of Paradise I painted on the K was named for the brides sister Karina. I wrote in small letters under the Bird of Paradise, “Karinas Bird of Paradise”. For the “R” in Kruse, I painted a “Rose”. For the “U” in Kruse, I painted an “Unusual Agapanthus”. The “S” became “Shirleys tulip”, and the “E” was for a Lily from the city in Brazil the bride is from. The flower color also helps determine which flower goes with which letter.

10.   Can I request certain flowers?

Yes, absolutely, but I would suggest requesting more than necessary so I can choose the ones which will best fit with the letters size and colors.

11.   Do you display your work at art shows?

I have in the past, but since what I am creating is all customized, I prefer to do it this way.

12.   How long is the gift certificate good for?

Well, I am not putting a date on them, I plan on honoring them forever.

13.   How long have you been in business?

I have been selling watercolors for around 30 years, originally I painted florals and landscapes, then finally zeroed in on houses.

14.   Do you give a discount on multiple orders?

Yes, I do. If you order five at one time, the fifth one is half price.

15.   What Makes your paintings special?

When you are looking thru websites for house portraits, you choose an artist that has a style of painting you like. What makes mine special is that you like it the best. I have a background in drafting and architectural design which allows me to create a House Portrait with accurate details and correct perspective. I have an excellent reputation for providing the work as promised and being a fair price for the work done.